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#8 - And Now, A Markism [09 Jan 2006|06:13pm]
Markism is the term describing anything ironic, idiotic, and genius that spills out of Mark's brain. observe:

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#7 - The Best Present In The History Of Ever And The World And Your Mom [27 Dec 2005|09:26pm]
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#6 - Happy Holidays [20 Dec 2005|07:58pm]
my New Year's resolution is 1024x768, lololol. actually, it's to regularly update SV again! i know you missed me. or the comics rather. not this author comment crap for crap. your reward for your patience is indeed great:

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lack of update [18 Nov 2005|11:03pm]
very sorry for the lack of update this week[believe it or not i've actually been trying to update every Tuesday!], it's been so cold and other excuses for me being lazy. there will definitely be a comic next Tues and it's longer/with more effort than usual SO YOU BETTER ENJOY IT OR YOU'LL GET TUMORS IN YOUR EYES. or possibly crotchroaches. i hear those are terrible this time of year.


#5 - Titles Are For LOSERS [08 Nov 2005|11:04pm]
also known as You Been SERVED #1, or something dumb like that. it seems like each time i do a comic, i have more to say in addition to what you came here for. sorry about that if it annoys you, i'm hoping some of you are actually reading and interested in the little bits i shove in here though! if not, TOO BAD EL OH EL! really, i'll try to tone it down in the future cuz it's annoying me to type all this anyway lollllololfjjjafg RGH TIRED EYES PAIN. anymoot, huzzah, i've been doing this comic for 5 weeks now! i'm actually sticking to something, how bout that? kind-of hurts though, should think about removing myself once in a while before i go stale... uhhhh... yeah. i am employed at the local Burger King, as an underling burger slave. i do many stupid things with my equally sarcastic and stupid coworkers on night crew. to us, night crew is like a haven for all the lazy weirdos in my town. sort-of. well, okay, not ALL of them, but a damn good deal of them. we also encounter many stupid, weird, or insane customers such as the one featured in this week's strip. i don't think it's as funny as the others, but if you've ever worked anywhere having to deal with customers like this you'll probably enjoy it at least.


Fun fact: this comic also has a black and white version that i kept and uploaded for your viewing pleasureeven though you don't give a fuzzy rat's rectum! i really like both of them, but i did a mini survey and went with peer pressure because i'm indecisive! but now you can see both anyway if you want to! and this was totally pointless!!! YAEI~!!8q

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#4 - Touch You Touch Me! [01 Nov 2005|11:15pm]
i wanted to do a Halloween comic of some sort, but this was closer to being finished and let's be honest here, i'm a procrastinator with every damn thing including this web comic or i'd have them finished weeks ahead of time and ready to update instead of waiting until the night i planned to update. not to mention i wanted to get this done and out because 1) it had a million shmillion[aka 11] layers of hell because i became accidentally unorganized early on, causing horrible tedious changing just to erase random lines, and 2) it's an old joke anyway, but Metroid Pinball coming out made it sort-of fresh once again since that is where today's object d'pop culture is bundled with! this comic also introduces a cohort of mine, who is henceforth known as Vint in comic form due to the unfortunate circumstance of the following run-on sentence in which i used his regular name at first and then erased it after i flattened the layers, needing a four-letter name to fit inbetween words already there as opposed to his regular five-letter alias of Gains even though i could have just moved the other letters. oooooops! oh well! wow, hey, look it's the comic!

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#3 - BRBman! [25 Oct 2005|07:03pm]
everybody's favorite super hero! OR ELSE.

for those of you paying attention, yes, i edited this comic due to critiquing from twosmuv and the big panel looks loads better now. YOU GET A GOLD STAR IF YOU NOTICED. WHICH YOU DIDN'T. you bitch. D: all the things i do for you. *sniff*
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sorry to you all who have seen these before.. [18 Oct 2005|04:48pm]
[ mood | busy ]

but you know, why the hell would i post new things when i can post what i already have in the meantime? i am making new ones, but for now YOU LOOK AT THIS AND YOU LIKE IT.

sadly, this has happened to me all too often. D: I AM SHAMEFACED.

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Doug and Mr. Dink [15 Oct 2005|01:38am]
that's right, the first comic posted here is a little stab at pop culture[if you can call it that].

boy, they sure were good friends, weren't they?
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